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BURGER STORY: Juicy Beef Burgers tell the Italian origins for the world’s favourite sandwich and take it to the next level

Exotica Gelatea out of all its treasures takes pride in its burgers for its unique concepts loved by locals and travellers, from Italy, to Canada to China with one common language, one of the best tasting burgers they have ever tried. One of the secrets to the burgers success lies from the adoption of inspiration from a secret formula derived from a approximately 2000 year old recipe called the Apicius manuscript. This recipe inspiration has been modified to create the best sensation and complement Exotica’s premium beef burgers,elevating the experience to a whole new level. Exotica’s Garum version one since created has been providing the high grade meats with a juicy and succulent aged texture but allows for the original meat taste not to be overpowered, which creates a different kind of sensation from the traditional sauces found in most grills or burger places. Not only was the garum home made but so are many other secret sauces such as the other topseller the tangy and tantalizing Cauldron sauce of the Cauldron Burger, which all emphasize on the elaborate and lengthy process  and ingredients of Traditional Italian cooking.

Since opening The linked Specialties Wagyu Burger and the Cauldron Burger have become a recommendation from locals and travellers alike for being a must visit stop of the quiet destination behind Times Square. And besides this, Exotica takes pride in continuing to improve on the garum, and constantly bring in new and innovative products in the burger market in the World such as Italian’s classical favourite Cheesy Burger or the Instagrammable friendly new creation, Lava Burger which  you’ll unleash an explosion of umami  flavour, created by the rich melted cheese formula embedded within the succulent beef paired with the garum!

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