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Ferdinand’s server helps to introduce Ferdinand’s specialty gelato ice cream and serves them to the guest. He or she will also assist with the cafe or restaurant's beverage preparation and table setting and clearance. Ferdinand has invited one of Hong Kong's famous coffee championship baristas to brew his specialty coffee blends and train the "royal servers". Are you up for what it takes to apply for Ferdinand's royal server positions?

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Ferdinand needs to help prepare his meats and seafood to grill them for the king's feast and his guests. With the traditional style of cooking, let's get excited about the king's preparation feast. Have you got what it takes to be in Ferdinand's team?

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Sandwich Artisan

It was said that Ferdinand's bakery was so good that he opened a sandwich department using all different types of exciting ingredients and sauces between his specialty bread. These were served in the King's court to the aristocrats of the court. Do you have what it takes to please the aristocrats and their guests? Do you enjoy bread and slicing the cold cuts and sandwiching them between slices of bread to keep the aristocrats full and satisfied?

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