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Ground floor, 49 Sharp Street East

(Causeway Bay)

Inspired by the cottage house where Ferdinand lived and experimented on his gelato, beverage, and culinary creations. This restaurant not only serves the gelato that Ferdinand created but also works of steak, seafood grill, burgers, and other set menus crafted by Ferdinand’s own recipes, as he strived to be a culinary all-rounded chef to appease not only his own gastronomic desires but also in a bid to apply for the king's kitchen formally

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Shop 1048 Elements Mall (Kowloon station)

Inspired by a rendition of the king's palace where Ferdinand used to serve his majesty. This classical cafe showcases historical representations of architecture and art from the Italian historical period and strives to use materials and impressions available during that time to recreate the scene.


The royal green used in many of the objects in this cafe represents prosperity, progress, and freshness, while the gold represents wealth and glory to the king's court.

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