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A Long Lost Tale
Come To Life From History To The Modern World

And through this tale……..

Bringing with it the stories and re-creation of

Culinary Creativity in its very best.

Menu of Exotica Gelatea

The memory of a taste -

that’s the irresistible proposition Exotica Gelatea offers.

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 All outlets also are created to replicate the environments of Historical Italy, so that our hearts, eyes, and taste can relive Ferdinand's stories 

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Valrhona Chocolate


Pandan lemongrass Bluepea


Exotic Ingredients,
Irresistibly Exotica Gelatea

Musang King Durian

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Exotica Gelatea - well crafted, dense on the spoon, luxurious on the tongue, and an explosion of flavor that bears savoring.

Exotic Lifestyle, Exotic Food and pairings, Bon appetite!

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